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Sachi Design and Build Pvt Ltd. provides the best Residential Interior Design Services in Delhi NCR. It offers you the perfect interior for your residence with the help of best interior designers. Home is the place where we embrace ourselves as an individual so making it soothing and loving place interiors plays role.

The team uses the most modern technologies and techniques that helps in making every possible design according to different needs of different clients. Customers have different tastes according to their needs, so company has solution for every type of customer. When you give us the responsibility to design interior for your house, we keep in mind the things that makes you more engaging to the designs by carefully understanding the wants and your needs. Colour palettes and textures are also selected carefully by the interior designers. The designs are built to suit the needs of customers. Decorating master bedroom,guest bedroom, children’s bedroom, kitchen or giving hint on desired theme, decorating in style, decent flooring, lighting, etc all the facilities are provided by Sachi Design and Build Pvt Ltd.

Colour spectrum plays important role in interior designing as it helps you set the right mood. Keeping in mind the furniture and theme of the room, right colour palette is being chosen to portray pastel, neutral, placid, bold, and sultry bedroom. Lightings are also done depending on the amount of natural light available in the rooms. Pendant lights, wall sconces, bedside lamps, swing arm lamps, or floor lamps, make for great illumination options for the home that are provided by the interior designers. During implementation of the projects by specialized team members, the project manager also examines every step. Therefore, the unique approaches of the company make it the most reputed interior decorators in India.

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