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Civil and Construction Services

Sachi Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi is the leading company in the field of Civil & Construction services in Delhi NCR. It is known as the best company and is renowned as the top construction service provider. The company is backed by the team of experienced and skilled people who are trained at all the levels and conditions. The company works in a certain way like client gives the idea then we add our innovations in it to serve customized construction solutions to them.

Being the top Civil Construction Company, we have great experience in handling many different projects like shopping malls, residential or commercial complexes, multi-storied buildings, etc. We plan the layout with the needs of the clients which makes it possible in attaining maximum customer satisfaction. The company has team of experienced and trained people that put integrity, time and hard work so as to deliver the work on time and on budget to client. Therefore, in all these years Sachi Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. has built various buildings in different parts of India including landscaping, industrials, hospitals, retails, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, commercial, residential, resorts etc. It determines that with experience comes perfection.

Also, Quality Control Program comes into play that not only inspects the quality of the field but also documents the reviews to maintain the accuracy of the customer needs and built project. The company never compromise with the quality of the raw materials that are being used in the construction. The construction site is thoroughly examined by the project manager at regular intervals so as to detect and resolve problem so that we can eliminate all the unnecessary and unexpected risk. The company uses all the modern technologies and scientific techniques that helps in maintaining the quality of standard, that is built by the best Civil Engineers in the Company.

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